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Beware the Billionaire Stampede

The continuing bull market in gold and silver is like none other in history, precious metals expert Michael Maloney has been saying for the past several years. In his latest video
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how many ounces does mike feel is a sufficient amount to TRULY participate in the wealth transfer. how many ounces does he feel is a good wealth CHUNK?

Hello Ckinglee82,

First, I'll tell you the easy answer, Mike Maloney would say a "good wealth chunk" all depends on where you want to end up. 

From a great book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, first start with the end in mind. In other words where do you want to end up. A "good wealth CHUNK" is really up for you to decide. How much is enough for you.

In terms how much Mike thinks is a good amount for him. You'll have to ask, even I don't know the answer to that.

nicholas - WealthCycles Administrator

On a completely different topic, I just received a newsletter from Northwest Territorial Mint (who does nothing but SELL precious metals) and the theme was very downtrodden on gold and silver. They almost seem to be discouraging folks to buy the metals. I was totally amazed at the focus and direction the article was going. Here's a company that makes its livelihood on selling precious metals and is telling folks that the end is near for the stuff and the highs may already be here. It goes totally contrary to what Mike is touting here. I'd love to hear his thoughts and response to this.

Mike's response would be you always need to know the positives and negatives to an investment. Know all the reasons it can work and know all the reasons it cant. Then you'll be able to make a sound financial decision.

nicholas - WealthCycles Administrator

hi everyone, have to agree with balibule, This was an article that was written in the Globe and Mail almost a full year ago, May of 2010. I think your intentions are honorable, and I like what you;re doing also - but Please dont mislead people by publishing older information that may be misinterpreted as today's News!
Thank you Michael,
Respectfully yours,

We apologize for the confusion. We are not attempting to mislead anyone. This was simply a mistake on our part. Video production was delayed and the video was released much later than expected.

You will see we have added a note to the original blog stating this article was originally published May 22, 2010. 

Thank you for your comments,

Nicholas - WealthCycles Administrator

I disagree with folks saying they cannot take advantage of this wealth transfer.

I was laid off in October and started financially educated myself shortly after. My monthly income is low but I have quit spending my dollars on things I can do without and invest in at least 1 oz of silver a month.

Everyone can have a part if they will do the research and set aside a little every month and invest in either silver or gold.


I think your right Curtis. You have to invest in your own knowledge first. Then only can you invest in other things.

Great video. Tom Kaplan is a very savvy investor. His Electrum Strategic Resources fund is our (NovaGold) top shareholder.

The unemployed have almost no change of benefitting from "the greatest wealth transfer in history." That is why we will see over and over again that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. I been following this website closely and it breaks my heart that I cannot invest at this time.

If you can buy at least 1 ounce of silver. It makes you feel a whole lot better. 

I agree completely. Even 1 ounce of silver a week or a month or whatever you can afford. You must start somewhere and even small successes such as 1 ounce of silver a month are of great signifigance. Success breeds success. Start wherever you can and continue is the key.

Money isn't power - knowledge is. If you keep up your financial education, you will recognize opportunities that others will never see because they remain ignorant. Keep saving and invest whatever you can and you'll come out ahead.

vongleichent - I wish you the best and hope you can find a chance to somehow produce more than you consume, and put the savings into precious metals to get a piece of this action.

But if circumstances force you on the sidelines for this, you will neither gain nor lose - for you it will be a wash. Just enjoy the spectacle.
The losers will be the government-trusting sheeple holding large amounts of dollars and bonds. There is a moral issue here.... Those people deserve to lose because their belief that the dollar is "good as gold" is the kind of willful ignorance and complacency that got us a nation into this mess. Buying Treasury bonds to fund the unconstitutional welfare/warfare state is immoral - and those who did it will be at the losing end of this wealth transfer. The winners will be those who challenged the unconstitutional power grab by the govt and big banks to shove their fraudulent currency down our throats and turn us from the greatest economic powerhouse in the world into a basket case.

Anonymous, you provoked a thought here. We sometimes hear the saying "good as gold." Why do we never hear "good as the US dollar?" Ha ha, in the current world we will never hear THAT one.

Looks like we can both agree on one thing. We need to get back to obeying the Constitution.

Absolutely right. My continuing financial education is making me rethink my political views as well. I'm realizing there isn't much difference between Democrats and Republicans as they're all in it for themselves and are ignorant of economics in general. They don't seem to care about much except having a blank check from the tax payers.

Ha ha, great observation regarding lack of differences between the Repubs and the Dems, Awolff. Like you, I too was a bit slow in recognizing this condition myself. While I am mildly embarrassed to admit that, certainly the masses themselves have yet to recognize it. Voters, by and large, will continue to consider the Repubs and Dems as their two voting choices.

The pendulum of political thinking has certainly swung to the left in recent decades, and the macro pendulum is way, way to the left. Because there are so relatively few conservatives in the world now, anyone today who harbors truly conservative thinking is considered radically right. Of course, the pendulum will naturally swing back eventually--probably not in the next decade or two however. With our present left-ward mentality having begun in earnest in the late 1920s, we have to realize that these movements take time (historically about one lifetime, or 70-80 years). In my opinion, there will not be a sudden shift from reckless fiat currency systems to value based monetary systems, just as there will not be an overnight pendulum swing from left-ward political thinking to a right-ward mentality. Much patience is required.

Another great observation. One thing I'll add.

I try not to think in terms of left and right. I have noticed some people get confused by this. Mainly because the "left" and the "right" have both aspects of limited government and big government. Instead think of a scale where you have less government power on one side and more government power on the other. This helps clarify the issue.

Then don't speak in terms of  Repubs or Dems. Speak in terms of bigger government or smaller government.

nicholas - WealthCycles Admin

Thanks Nicholas,

In thinking this through, what you suggest here makes sense. Discussing govt size, rather than left-right comparisons, alleviates the listener's immediate desire for positive or negative reaction, and will probably actually provoke thought. A definite advantage for a stimulating conversation.

I can agree with both comments.

The rich always get richer. They can afford these types of purchases.

I make a pittance compared to these types of people. The past 6 months I have poured every extra penny I have into silver.
I am going to profit as much as I possibly can. I don't have the kind of money that most on here have but I am going to protect what I do have.

I have managed to buy 100 ounces in the past 6 months. I hope to have at least 400 ounces by the time It goes vertical.
Not a lot but I am not going to let my modest middle class income stop me from benefiting

Personally asset accumulation and wealth creation is something everyone should take part in. I'm starting from nothing in regards to investments. I'm taking a plunge and raiding my 401(k) for a loan to buy bullion.

This is simply a reallocation of *pre-tax* investment dollars. Smart move? Depends on who you talk to.



Are you putting all your eggs in one basket with gold and silver, or do you suggest other investments based on your cycles information?

Not sure what Mike is doing but I have a couple of related quotes for you to comtemplate. Andrew Carnegie, the wealthiest man of his comtemporary time, said, "Put all your eggs in one basket. Then watch that basket!" Seems like sage advice from a sage gentleman.

The second quote: Warren Buffett said, "Diversification is a wonderful tool for those that don't know what they are doing." In other words, if one chooses to do as the masses do, one's portfolio will perform about averagely. Diversification will help an investor to avoid the big loss. So, this is quite related to Carnegie's quote. Again sage thinking from a sage fellow.

However, I am curious too. I too am wondering if Mike's "eggs are all in one basket?"

dongtang... no, wealth will be taken from the ignorant and uninformed.

I also believe this continuing bull market in gold and silver will be like none other in history. We are in the process of putting into place a contingency plan as well. Good article and thanks for sharing.

Didn't this happen in May 2010? I realize you didn't state it was recent news, but publishing it in 2011 and not specifying this investment was made more than half a year ago might lower some readers trust in your intentions. I love what you do, dont get me wrong, i would just make sure you make the date clear so people aren't thinking a new investor just plopped this kind of cash into gold in close relation to your post date.

We apologize for the confusion. We are not attempting to mislead anyone. This was simply a mistake on our part. Video production was delayed and the video was released much later than expected.

You will see we have added a note to the original blog stating this article was originally published May 22, 2010. 

Thank you for your comments,

Nicholas - WealthCycles Administrator

Hmm. You make a good point. The video and text is misleading by omitting the date of the article. The article referred to was published May 22, 2010. It's worth noting Kaplan's firm also owns land (for mining) and mining stakes.

The rich and smart money get in during Phase I of a bull market, and we're currently in about the middle of Phase II, by my estimates.

Mike, please don't lose your integrity and our trust by omitting information like this.

We apologize for the confusion. We are not attempting to mislead anyone. This was simply a mistake on our part. Video production was delayed and the video was released much later than expected.

You will see we have added a note to the original blog stating this article was originally published May 22, 2010. 

Thank you for your comments,

Nicholas - WealthCycles Administrator

How is this misleading Awolff? Mike is just making a point about how billionaires are converting a lot of what they have in precious metals.

When gold goes to 2,000, 4,000, 5,000 does it make any difference whether one got in at Phase 1 or 2? Yes it makes me a bit sad I did not educate myself enough 10 years ago to get in at Phase 1 but I am not going to miss out on Phase 2 even if I make a bit less.:)

Thanks Mike for all the information you freely share with anyone even if it happened a few months ago.:)


Only that we all read the blogs for the most current information, so omitting a past date or not indicating the article was from a while ago puts a different spin on it. (Thanks for adding the note at the bottom of the article, WC Admin.)

We all would have liked to get in during Phase I, when silver was still $8/oz, but as long as your not buying late in Phase III, when everyone on the street is buying and the bubble is about to burst, you should be fine.

Thank you for the excellent information, Mike. I refer many to your blogs and subscribe to your Premium Content, which I highly recommend (especially all past articles!). The analysis is well worth the price.

At first when I heard about the concept of a "wealth transfer" I thought it would be a transfer of wealth from the rich to the poor. But this doesn't seem to be the case.

The more richer you are the more gold and silver you can horde to yourself thus profiting much more than the average person.

now I realized that the wealth will be taken from the hard working people who's heavily uninformed and will suffer greatly within this year or the next.

Interesting concept you've conjured up dongtang. But I don't quite see how anything is being "taken" from anyone. Those who accept the risk SHOULD be complemented with reward. If I buy a new car, am I taking something from those who manufactured it? No, I'm simply trading my dollars for a product that will either appreciate or depreciate in value. This is no less the case in a wealth transfer. I am buying gold and silver rather than depreciating assets so I can keep more of what I've worked for most of life. It is clearly a stretch to assume when one risks his personal funds for a future reward, that he is somehow taking from someone else.

The more one sees himself a victim, the more likely it will become a reality.

Very true austinbroker. No matter what you own or buy, you are essentially investing. 

For example, if you get paid in dollars and say you choose to save those dollars. You are, essentially, investing that the dollar will remain steady in value or gain in value. Otherwise you are losing purchasing power.

The wealth transfer is accomplished by keeping the masses ignorant while you position yourself to gain economically by spooking the masses into buying gold/silver at the last minute. They think they are preserving their wealth. It's predatory and that's just the way life is. "On Wall Street as it is in the Jungle."

No one is keeping anyone ignorant. Everyone has the same opportunity to read or even listen to others who know what is going on in the world. The only difference between you and Bill Gates is your thoughts. The only difference between you and the dirt poor is your thoughts. The poor don't think they can prosper so they don't. Nor are the vast majority into listening to world events. They don't think it really affects them. The real losers in this whole wealth transfer thing will be the middle class, most of which will join the poor. They just have more to lose. Many wealthy will end up losing big time as well because they just don't believe their dollar dominated assets are going down big time. Consequently, the majority of wealth that will be lost will be from the wealthy and middle class not the poor.

Hm, interesting thought, dongtang. Like you, I too assumed "the greatest transfer of wealth in history" will be from the wealthy to brazen and informed individuals. But I think your analogy and conclusion makes a lot of sense. The already wealthy probably are the brazen and informed individuals in this world. So, it stands to reason that wealth, as usual, is more likely to transfer in small increments from the relatively uninformed working class (and unemployed) to the informed wealthy individuals. The few will collect from the masses.

I am viewing this period of wealth movement as a personal "game changer" for myself. I choose to become one of the informed and am willing to risk for personal gain. As I recently told my daughter, if you look at a chart of precious metals and another chart showing the decreasing value of the U.S. dollar, it seems that converting your paper money into precious metals will, at the very least, stop the erosion of your assets. And the possibility (actually, probability) exists that converting your dollars into precious metals will put you on the beneficial side of "the greatest transfer of wealth in history." The risk is not in owning metals but in holding onto your paper money.

Without gold/silver you only have fiat wealth. The 'wealth' of the 'hard working people' is just paper... and paper has no intrinsic value. Paper-based 'wealth' is about to become worthless.

this is absolutely astounding!!!!even a middle class worker like myself can overnight become very successful following the great wealth transfer...this is huge i dont think people know how huge this is

vince gaddis

Vince, I think you're right. Most people just don't--and won't--know how huge this opportunity is!

The masses are virtually always wrong. As an example, look at our popularly voted for US presidents. In my opinion, with the exception of Washington (who was not voted for by the masses) and Lincoln, it seems to me the masses did not vote for the US citizen who would have become the greatest president of his (or her) time. The masses are easily fooled, and will certainly miss the opportunity of wealth transfer which is presented at this time.

It is amazing what can happen once you start educating yourself.

WealthCycles Commentary

The continuing bull market in gold and silver is like none other in history, precious metals expert Michael Maloney has been saying for the past several years. In his latest video blog from London, Mike discusses a Wall Street Journal article, “A Billionaire Goes All-In On Gold,” featuring Thomas Kaplan, who heads Tigris Financial Group—a financial advisory and asset management firm.

Kaplan has put almost $2 billion of his own assets into gold. “I keep talking about how this bull market is different than any in history,” Mike says. “This one is worldwide; this one is huge; and in this one there’s so much more currency that’s going to be chasing after gold/silver.” Other factors Mike has written about that intensify the price pressure include a vastly expanded investor population, diminished production, and enormous deficit spending and trade imbalances. It all adds up to the greatest gold and silver bull of our lifetimes.

“[Kaplan is] just one of the early ones. He controls a fund that’s invested in silver and gold. But the $2 billion is his own assets—he’s in gold himself, all the way…. So this bull market is going to be the most amazing thing anybody has ever seen when you get a whole bunch of these billionaires trying to rush into it at the same time.”

*Note* This WSJ article was originally published May 22, 2010. Mike was filmed about this article Summer 2010. *Note*